Sunday, December 30, 2012

Game Review: Fez

The anticipation for this little pixel character was well waited.  The world of Fez is a happy yet distorted place that needs to be fixed and it's up to you to put the world back together.  When I first started playing I thought it was a very simple game. Jump, turn camera, find block, and repeat.  Each level requires thinking but not enough for you to be stuck in one place for too long.  The first hour of the game consisted of going through doorway after doorway finding every block until I eventually got lost.  It wasn't until that point that I realized there was much more to this game than finding blocks.  I began to use the map to get myself back on track, only to find out that there are "secrets" scattered in some worlds and rooms.  Upon learning that I went to the closest room with a secret.  Nothing.  So now what?  Google of course.  The secrets aren't so much secrets as they are codes.  Each room has a special code to figure out and once you get it correct you get a prize.  This quickly started to make me loose my mind.  Each symbol stands for something like a letter, number, or Xbox control button.  This game has it's own language.
It's no wonder it took creator Phil Fish so long to make this game.  His secret language is scattered across the world of this game for you to figure out.  Not only does this make me want to beat the game entirely just to prove that I figured it out, but it makes me appreciate it so much more. The more you wonder around in this world the more hidden things you find.  Some levels take me back to the past with it's Mario, Zelda, and Tetris references.  Sometimes I find myself scoping the scenery to look at all the things around the world. It's easy to get lost in the game and just relax.  To take the game for what it is and not get stressed out over it.  It is after all suppose to be enjoyable right?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ladies in Gaming

A new recent trend on Twitter, #1reasonwhy, is about why there aren't more woman in the gaming industry. Ladies from around the world are Tweeting reasons why they aren't apart of the industry and why they never will be. As a woman currently going to school to be apart of the gaming industry this "trend" is not something I like. It makes me upset, saddened, and overall frustrated. Although, it is not for the reason in which makes me wonder about my future career goals or makes me feel bad for other woman in this field. It is for the simple fact that these woman don't believe in themselves. That they truly think they will never make it in the industry.
For years, longer than I've been working and longer than your parents have been working, woman have been fighting for their rights and still are. So what makes the gaming industry so different? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It isn't because we are truly weaker, prettier, or dumber than the male that is going up for the same position. It is because we portray ourselves to be.
"Look at me, Doctor. A lady to be protected and fought for. A princess of the blood royale." -Tonia, Star Trek.
We are taught to think this way. That we can never stand as tall as a male. That we need to wait for our prince charming, or Mario if you will, to save us from our castle. Unfortunately as we grow older no one tells us otherwise. This is me telling you otherwise.
You CAN work in the gaming industry.  It's tough, trust me I know, but not simply because you are a woman. It's a fucking difficult industry! I know the reasons why you think you can't do it. To me it just sounds like you're trying to talk yourself out of it.
It goes a little something like this....
You hear a conversation about a game or comic and chime in:
You instantly get looked up and down because your a woman. You can't possibly know what you're talking about. They laugh and say, "you play video games?" and they laugh again. You are instantly too shy or nervous to continue. I see it all the time.
Don't stop! Keep talking. Show those assholes that you know more than them. You've played all the original Nintendo games. Hell, you've even had a go at Magnavox Odyssey before. In fact, you have Atari set up at home and know every River Raid level just as well as you know Skyrim.
Your husband won't take time out of his day to watch the kids:
Maybe you didn't marry the right man or maybe you shouldn't have had kids, although its too late now I guess. The gaming industry takes up a lot of time and if you don't have that time don't blame it on others. Female or not, if you are in the gaming industry chances are you won't have much of a life outside of that.
They all think you got where you are because of your looks:
Who cares, you got there. Oh, you want me to wear a little extra make up or heals and you'll let me make a video game I've been creating in my shitty apartment for years? Yes, yes I will. This is imaginary, it's never easy to get promoted and anyone will say anything simply for the fact that they wish they were you. If it was really that easy we would all be doing it. Plus, I've heard meaner things in high school. If that bothers you, you were obviously never bullied.
There needs to be more female characters in games:
So make them. You have the schooling, the skills, and the tools, why are waiting for someone else to do it for you?
You're getting harrased:
This is what HR people are for. If they aren't doing their job then sue, make millions, and create your own game company. Harassment should never be tolerated and the gaming industry isn't any different.
So lady gamers; where are my Wonder Woman's, my Lighting's, my Samus's my Zelda's, my Lara Croft's, should I go on? All of these woman are sexier than any woman alive and can still kick ass just as good (if not better) than the boys. We are going to face criticism our entire lives, but this is no reason to try to make up excuses as to why you are not good enough. These situations should make you stronger, they should give you a reason to keep fighting. Don't give up.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Review

I didn't plan on buying this game. I didn't even plan on caring about this game. Plans don't usually work out how you want them to, do they?
The graphics are fantastic, the story lines are entertaining, and the characters couldn't be better. If you haven't played Guild Wars before (like me) then you're in for a real surprise. A quick overview? There isn't one, just start playing.
Although I will tell you this:
I've played with 3 races and classes in the couple of weeks I've had the game and each one is just as compelling as the next. My favorite race so far would have to be the Norn. They are giant and strong; but also human looking. As far as classes go,  a Thief works for me.
The game play is easy but it takes some getting use to. Maybe it's just me but every time I play a new game it takes a good hour or so for me to get use to the controls. Or maybe it's because I'm not playing enough games on my computer. Don't think too much into it, you'll be fine.
Load time has been very kind to me as well. I may have gotten too use to Skyrim on my Xbox because when the game went to load I got up to grab something to eat. The next thing I know I'm getting attacked.
Overall, I love this game. I have about a weeks worth of game play in so far and I still have so much to do and explore. It's the perfect game to get lost in.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scariest Video Games of 2012

It's almost Halloween and that means that all the scariest things are being released this month.

Crafted all the way from Argentina, an independent video game developer, Senscape, has proven that insane asylums are not something to mess with. The asylum in the game was based off the blue prints of a real life asylum. It has been spreading around the internet since 2010 and for some reason the release date keeps getting pushed back. 2012 is ready for you! This game seems like a graphically intense adventure that I wont be able to play for more than 10 minutes. Which makes me want to buy it.

Resident Evil 6

Yup! There's six of them now! You would think they would get enough of scaring the shit out of you but they haven't. The gore-ific (yes, lets all accept this as a word in my dictionary) game has been around for more than a decade making it older than most of kids buying it these days. I would say that I wasn't excited for this game but lets be honest, we all want to play it.

Metro- Last Light

Put anything in a gas mask and its instantly terrifying. Add an underground city, guns and demons and you've got yourself a game. It takes place in 2034, post-apocalypse style. Though there is not much about the game that has really leaked it still hooks you and makes you want to play it. I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

Darkness 2

Take a comic book legend, Paul Jenkins and ask him to write a video game and this is what you get. A supernatural man who wants to save the world. This game doesn't only jump out at me because of its story line. The main character, Jackie, has one of the coolest first names a video game character could have. Obviously. Regardless, this game looks like they have come a long way since the first Darkness was released back in 2007.

Doom 3

They have taken us to space this time bringing Hell along for the ride. Like most first person shooters it is just a lot of killing. Although I don't know how I feel about demons popping up out of nowhere and sneaking up on me. Just another one I'll have to play in the day time.

Last Of Us

All other zombie games have been doing it wrong. The trailer gave me the chills and the story line is better than any other I've ever seen. Also, the little girl is a bad ass.

Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Games To Toss!

A few weeks a go I wrote about 10 games you should buy, play, and keep forever. Though I've realized there are more games I would rather throw in a fire than games I would save from one. It's pretty easy to impress me with a video game. These are the top 5 games I wish I saved my money on.

1. De Blob: The best way to describe this game is that you are an exterior building painter. Except you aren't getting paid. In any form. Not even in entertainment.

2. F.E.A.R: I'm sorry..... it just scares the shit out of me.

3. Harry Potter: Any of them. Go ahead and pick. The movies are great. The books are fucking fantastic. The games.... I'd rather fly on a broom stick strait to Hell. The concept of the games are very simple and do not require too much thought. If you have younger kids it might be a good buy, but I wouldn't waste my money on a game that asks you to match the buttons on the screen to the buttons on the controller. Thanks for making sure I know what my shapes are tho.

4. The Walking Dead: I was highly disappointed in this game. This was a game that I was counting down the days to buy. When the first chapter finally came out I bought it the very same day. I was stoked that someone finally made a comic book style game. It's something I personally always wanted to do. Then I played it...... The graphics are pretty damn cool don't get me wrong, but I wish there wasn't so much talking in it. I would hardly call it a video game. It's more of an interactive story. I might as well just stick with the comic books.

5. Black Ops: WAIT! What!? This is one of the most popular games of the century. Yeah, I know. And I get it. It's a fantastic game that I could spend countless hours on. So why is it on this list? Well, simply because I'm sick of playing online with 12 year old trash talkers. So it makes the list. Go ahead... hate me for it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey everyone,
Extra Life is an awesome and fun way to make money for sick kids in Children’s hospitals.
On Oct 20th Hundreds of people including myself will be playing video games for 24hrs to raise money. Please at least check out the site and show some love for the children.  If possible please donate to my page on the link below. You can do a one time donation for every hour I play (24 hours) or a monthly donation. Remember, any amount helps.

Go to my page to donate!

If you are interested in participating I would love for you to join my team! The more people, the better our chances are to raise money! It doesn’t matter what game you play, how you play it, or for how long. Message or comment if you want me to add you to my team.
Please re-post to your page to spread to word!

Thank you,

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Games You Forgot About

These games were just as good as the ones being made today. We just forgot about them!

Crazy Taxi- The days when being a taxi driver was cool. There is no point to this game other than to pick pedestrians up and drop them off at their location. It never ends. But for whatever reason I played it for hours at a time and it never got old.

Pokemon Snap- A game where the only purpose is to take pictures of Pokemon. I'm not sure how they did it but I played this game over and over as if it was somehow going to change. It never did. But I never stopped playing.

Power Pete- First of all, If you don't know what this game is then you missed out on your childhood and I suggest you hit that imaginary restart button. Go ahead, I'll wait...... Okay done? Good. This game taught me that if you're gonna walk around looking for a million bunnies then at least bring some god damn tooth paste with you. Not only will you have good hygiene but it also works as a gun.

Paper Boy- When having a job was fun!

Battle Tanks- This was the first game I played where I was aloud to destroy everything in the game. Usually what happened was this. Pick your color, pick your team, destroy all buildings, ignore enemies, hide underground, nuke the city. Sounds a bit like real life doesn't it?

007 Golden Eye- If you didn't pick Oddjob first you might as well be dead.

That running game with the pad for the floor- If you know the name of it comment down below. Cuz I don't remember, but it was fucking awesome!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Skyrim Hearthfire Review

Most people weren't too stoked to hear about this new update. I on the other hand couldn't wait. I was the kid who grew up playing Sims since day one. I had them all and my houses were fantastical. I'm also a woman... so what else would I rather spend my time doing than decorating a house right?
When I first downloaded it I was a bit confused. Nothing was different. So thanks to Google I (others) figured it out. I bought my land and was good to go. But now what? Now what is right! I was annoyed. You basically have to go on a wild man hunt to find the supplies to build your house. I spent 400 point for this? But after putting more time into I was happy. It helped me gain more levels and discover new towns. I was at the point in the game where I was saying to myself, "what the fuck is left to do!?" So I downloaded Hearthfire in hopes it would give me more things to do. You bet it did.
Before this expansion I didn't even pick up an axe in the game let alone use one. There was no point. But if you want to build your house fast without spending all your coin then you better start swinging that shit.
It also got me to walk around more. I'm a fast traveling machine when it comes to this game. If I don't have to walk I'm not walking. I know.... it's stupid, there are so many things to be seen. I just get antsy. And more walking means more bad guys to kill. Which is mostly why I've leveled up so fast lately.
Mainly I think it just adds to the game. If you bought it and hate it just tough it out. I think it's so aggravating in the beginning because you have no idea whats going on or what to do. I lost my house about eight times before I realized it was on the map. Seriously.... I thought I was never going to find it again. Just be patient and play the game for what it is.

If you've been playing for a while and are still having trouble this guy's tutorials helped me out a lot.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Things Skyrim Has Taught Me

1. There is never ever, ever, ever, EVER a good time to dilly dally.
"Oh a flower!"
"Oh a dead fox."
"Oh cool things I can put in my gigantic pocket."
They are everywhere even when they are nowhere. You've been warned.

2. If you're carrying too many things, suck it up and drink a strength potion.
Stop polluting! Just fast travel somewhere and sell that shit!

3. People will only want to marry you if you have cool bling.
I mean.... yeah. Now go buy a fancy 300 dollar watch.

4. You can take whatever you want from a store.
So long as you nearly kill yourself trying to get them something they want.
"You want some free cheese for the rest of your life? Just go kill 10,000 zombies in a dark cave and get some shitty ring I lost years ago."
Seems fair....

5. Collecting random things around the world will in fact be useful as long as you have an alchemy table.
Sunflowers... check
Soda cap... check
Empty ketchup bottle... check
Dog shit... check
Fragments of broken glass... check
Congratulations! You've got yourself a 3000xp health potion! Drink up!

6. Why the fuck are you walking everywhere? Fast travel is real!

7. Every cat or lizard is an asshole!
Idk why. That's just the way life works I guess.

9. Stealing souls solves everything.
Need an enchanted rain coat? Steal your dogs soul!
Need to learn a shout? Just find a dragon and steal it's soul!
Need sneaky boots to steal money from your parents? Steal a giants soul!
Hate that guy that cut you off last week and want to prove a point? Just steal his soul and turn it into a necklace so everyone knows not to fuck with you!

10. Jumping off high cliffs will in fact kill you!
Who knew right!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Games To Keep

You know the drill. You buy the newest game, play it for a few weeks, get bored of the repetition, swap it at GameStop, and repeat. But we all have those games that we will never get rid of. This is my list of games that will never expire. If you haven't already played these games (and loved them of course) you should. Let the game hoarding begin!

In no particular order. Except of course random.

1. Skyrim: Fighting dragons, magic, and swords. For me that is all that needs to be said and you have my money. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience... two things I do not have. But I keep playing. When someone asks me how I like this game I put it like this:
You know that chore you've been meaning to do? The one that is very tedious and takes up too much time but you know that it HAS to get done or you won't be able to sleep? That's this game... but in a good way.

2. Fable (Series): This has got to be my favorite game. I played Fable 1 as soon as it came out and fell in love. Every detail was perfect. The gargoyles had my sense of humor and I loved being able to shoot them!
Then they came out with the second one. This time I was prepared. The detail that they put into the first one was nothing compared to this. I knew that this was my series of games. That nothing could compare.
Now lets not forget about the third. Many people had problems with this one. Was it the best out of the three? No. Were the characters as developed? No. But I have to say, (after playing it over and over again.) I do still enjoy it. It hasn't made my love for Fable die in the slightest.

3. Mass Effect (series): This is another very tedious game. If you don't pay much attention to details then this game is not for you. The story line is fascinating. Any and every move you make shapes the entire game. When you get the the next game it takes your character from the first and you just keep going. For a gamer who likes to get emerged in a game you will want to buy this one.

4. Super Smash Bros (original): If you think I'm talking about the Wii game you should hit restart.... on your life.

5. World of Warcraft: If you don't play WOW because you think it's too nerdy, takes up too much time, or just plan stupid... please, just try the game! You don't have to spend countless hours on this game to enjoy it. You don't even have to play every month if you don't think you'll play it that often. There are no exceptions. Every gamer should play this game. You not only get to play in a fantastical (yes) world, but you learn so much about gaming.

6. Fallout (all): Yet another game that will take forever for you to complete. When I first played Fallout I remember wanting to just listen to the old school music all day. As far as game play goes? Making a character will have you want to kill yourself. Other than that it's great! Graphic are on point, the aliens are gross, and the characters are ridiculous. That damn robot was the best idea ever.

7. Grand Theft Auto 3: Yes, three! The new ones are great. They are all great. But GTA3 never gets old! It was the first game I got to kill, steal, and drive like a lunatic! Do I sound crazy yet? Seriously tho, If you are too young to have played it when it first came out (or live in a cave) go buy it and never return it. I still remember the cheat codes for extra armor and guns. I also still go back and play it at least four or five times a year.

8. Minecraft: Blocks on blocks on blocks on blocks. It's like digital legos!

9. DayZ: If you haven't heard of it yet look it up! In short, it's a real time zombie game. Anything that can happen in real life can happen in this game. If you die you are dead forever. You must start anew and try better. It's as realistic as a game can be. As in, if 4 guns, 8 health kits, 10 sodas, and 2 knifes can't fit in your real life backpack... then it won't in this game either.
The grid isn't exact but they are still working on it. So if a zombie looks like hes far enough away and you think you can make a run for it... you probably can't. Using your best judgement is key to this game. Did I mention this is an online game? So go make friends. Also hope to (insert imaginary creatures here.) they don't try to kill you first!

10. Sims: We all secretly love this game. So stop pretending and go create a fake you in a fake home.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whoa! What!

I worked today. I did a lot of working. I also work tomorrow! What is that? In no way am I excited about that.
Do I have anything to talk about today? NOPE!
What if I traveled forward in time and found out that I was a millionaire? I'd probably quit working. But then would I still be a millionaire in the future? Fuck.... now I don't know.
I didn't learn anything here today.
Your welcome.

Am I a millionaire yet?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My mom

It doesn't matter how much or how little they do for you. Your mom will always be the most connected person to you and she will always try her best. She makes the hard times fade and the good times glow. You're the most important person in her life. So even tho at the end of the day your problems still exist and your cookies don't, she'll find any way she can to make more cookies appear.
Thanks mom for everything. No matter how small.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Current Obsessions

Well, maybe just more like "Obsessions."
Right now my desktop is pretty much what my life has been like this entire month. Art (this one is by Sam Spratt), Superheros (here is my most current dream ), my resume for easy access (I've been applying for a good amount of jobs), my stuff folder (I had things all over my desktop), and my school schedule (I will never memorize it). The only thing that would make this desktop more accurate would be if it was on my new gaming laptop.

Monday, June 25, 2012


 (Art by me)
I'm almost positive that my dreams have an on/off switch. I'll go months without dreaming and then I'll get a random dream that triggers a ton of others. Except... I'm really not sure what triggers it. Regardless, I had a dream the other night that can easily be put into my top 5.
It started with a rush. I was jumping from rooftop to rooftop no problem. Soaring almost. Not even breaking a sweat. Then I saw him. I threw my hands in front of me and he flew across the roof. I had force push. But was I the villain or the hero? I kept running toward him but he was quick on his feet. He jumped up and bolted to the next building. As I passed some sort of shinny object I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection. I looked familiar. It was definitely me but something was different. That comic I've been working on in real life... it had come to "life" in my dream. I was most certainly the hero. But he was still running.
Snapping back into I sprinted to him. He jumped for the next building and I was right behind him. I caught him in mid air. SMASH! It happened fast. Even for a dream. We tumbled into a window on what seemed to be the 100th floor of some building. As soon as we hit the ground I threw my hands out again for another force push. He flew right through a wall and I saw her. It was a little girl. Even tho I had started off my dream by just chasing this man I somehow knew that I was suppose to save her. I was going to run to her. Pick her up. Take her away from this place so she couldn't be harmed. But his body slammed into mine and I was down. I couldn't see past his hood. Although I knew what was behind it already. After all, I created him. I knew how ugly he would be. I wanted to force push him away but it was impossible. He knew my power, had my hands pinned, and my laser gun was too far to reach. This couldn't possibly be the end could it? This isn't how it ends in my comic. The hero wins in real life.
But it was how it ended. The girl wasn't saved and I never got to my laser gun. I woke up. They say when you wake up from a dream like that it's because you died in your dream. So this only means one thing. I need to finish my comic and prove my subconscious wrong. And even though I did not succeed in my dream.... It was a damn good dream.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Technology Thursday: Fable 3 Review

Fable has to be one of my favorite series of games so far. If you love Fable then Fable 3 was probably a lot to get use to. If you haven’t played 3 yet… I will ask you this, do you want the good news or the bad news first?
Bad news? Okay. To start, after all the time this game has been out I still want the old handling of the weapons and magic. In 3 I just feel like a “button smasher” and I hardly put any thought into fighting. You’re also not REALLY magical…you have some sort of “Iron Man” like glove. Very disappointing. I can also honestly say that I miss the foul mouthed gargoyles. They give the knomes a run for their money that's for sure. When it comes to your armor it doesn’t even matter anymore. I wouldn’t even consider it armor, just clothes. And last but most definitely not least, I can assure you that you will NOT look as bad ass with the wings! What happen to the crazy scars, halo, and horns? I want to sparkle and look God like when I’m good! I want flies around me and children running from me when I’m evil!
Now for the good news! You have your dog who is as helpful as ever. You can interact with other characters and dog more than ever. (Maybe even too much?) Although the fighting my seem like button smashing at times, if you put your enemy in the right places (such as near fences, ledges, walls) you can do some pretty impressive combos. That along with the slow motion effect make fighting much more interesting. Unlocking chests is actually useful and a huge part of the game. Getting new skills depends on it. Although the clothing really doesn’t mean anything, if you like customizing then this is definitely the Fable for you. There are more hair styles, clothing options, and colors than need be. And it can become quite the time waster. Doing jobs to make money had become much harder but the jobs have become more fun. My suggestion is to just by houses and hike the rent up. So long as you don’t mind being evil for awhile until you get enough cash. As for the story line….I do like it. It can’t be compared to Fable 1 and 2, but none the less it has it’s own twist and you can pretty much control the entire city if you know what you’re doing.
If you like Fable 1 and 2 I highly suggest 3 now that the price has gone down some. Would I spend the original $50 on it again? Probably not. Will I still play the next Fable once it comes out? Most definitely. So what do you guys think? Did you like the game or hate it?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unlimited Lives Anyone?

It’s no question that our games and our game systems are far more efficient and superior to what we started out with.
Trust me, there is no way I’m bashing Atari, or for those true gamers, Magnavox Odyssey.
Compared to Xbox 360 and PS3 they stand no chance. Let’s step aside for a second and forget about graphics, because to be honest, when you hear about how far we have advanced in gaming it seems to be one of the only things that gets talked about. I don’t think we realize the little things. Some of which have made the biggest advances for gamers. For instance, being able to save our games. It seems like a small and obvious upgrade, but it might just be the biggest one of them all. When games were only minutes long it might have been no big deal. Think about it tho, some of our games take days just to get to the end. That doesn’t include all the extra stuff they give us to do in between. Now what if you couldn’t save that game? It would suck wouldn’t it? We have come accustomed to seeing that little auto save sign in the corner that we don’t even have to think about it anymore.

So how about maps on the screen? What if they still gave us paper maps like the original Zelda? (Lets ignore Grand Theft Auto and it’s silly map for a second. I’m pretty sure that’s only in there to make you feel more a part of the game.) For the most part paper maps might be too ridiculous to make for the worlds they create for us these days. I can picture it now. You finally get Call of Duty, Fable, Assassins Creed, Fallout, Skyrim, ect. You open the box. One CD, check! Bonus material, check! One 6 foot by 6 foot size map…check? It just doesn’t seem very realistic.
So did anyone order a side of unlimited lives? Cuz I know I sure did. We still have our health meters, but for most games now running out of health doesn’t mean much more than going to the last check point. You still never REALLY die. In Super Mario Bros if you wasted your measly 3 lives before you can gain more you have to start from the beginning again. I don’t see myself dying less than…hmm… 50 times in any given Grand Theft Auto game. That’s when I’m trying too. And I know I’m not the only one.
I also know I’m not the only one who couldn’t aim on Xbox if their life depended on it. I mean, close up not problem, but you’re asking me to snipe some dude who looks more like an ant than a person. I’m gonna easily need about 5 rounds for that. Oh, I have unlimited ammo? Oh, and if I didn’t I could just go steal it from that dead guy two feet away? Perfect! Most shooting games make it pretty easy on us now considering the damage our enemies can take. I don’t think the ducks in Duck Hunt would be too happy about that. In fact, they wouldn’t have time to be happy because they would all be dead first try.

On top of all that we still get our lovely Options button. You can pick exactly how you’d like to control your character. What buttons do what? Analog stick or d pad? Toggle anyone? Volume controls, subtitles, screen settings, sensitivity, language, should I even go on?

 We take advantage of most of these things. We always want our graphics to be spot on. Of course…we have every right to. Although there are just certain categories of advancements in gaming that are going unnoticed. So the next time that you’re playing L.A. Noire and you demolish 20 cars with no consequences just be happy you aren’t playing Pole Position.

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I think an introduction is in order!

Hello everyone! I'm Jax! I'm extremely excited to start this new chapter of my life. For most of us "going with the flow" seems to be the easiest way to get by. But is it the best? Most So I'm going to listen to Denzel Washington and do what I gotta do so I can do what I wanna do.
I'm a bit all over the place so you'll see a lot here. Everything from fashion to gaming, puppies to decor, food to crafting, DIY to drawing. If you want it, I got it and the more you request the more you'll see what you want. I'll always try my best to show top quality work and give you the best resources.
So here I am! Ready to rumble and going in for the kill!
See ya soon,