Thursday, April 26, 2012

Technology Thursday: Fable 3 Review

Fable has to be one of my favorite series of games so far. If you love Fable then Fable 3 was probably a lot to get use to. If you haven’t played 3 yet… I will ask you this, do you want the good news or the bad news first?
Bad news? Okay. To start, after all the time this game has been out I still want the old handling of the weapons and magic. In 3 I just feel like a “button smasher” and I hardly put any thought into fighting. You’re also not REALLY magical…you have some sort of “Iron Man” like glove. Very disappointing. I can also honestly say that I miss the foul mouthed gargoyles. They give the knomes a run for their money that's for sure. When it comes to your armor it doesn’t even matter anymore. I wouldn’t even consider it armor, just clothes. And last but most definitely not least, I can assure you that you will NOT look as bad ass with the wings! What happen to the crazy scars, halo, and horns? I want to sparkle and look God like when I’m good! I want flies around me and children running from me when I’m evil!
Now for the good news! You have your dog who is as helpful as ever. You can interact with other characters and dog more than ever. (Maybe even too much?) Although the fighting my seem like button smashing at times, if you put your enemy in the right places (such as near fences, ledges, walls) you can do some pretty impressive combos. That along with the slow motion effect make fighting much more interesting. Unlocking chests is actually useful and a huge part of the game. Getting new skills depends on it. Although the clothing really doesn’t mean anything, if you like customizing then this is definitely the Fable for you. There are more hair styles, clothing options, and colors than need be. And it can become quite the time waster. Doing jobs to make money had become much harder but the jobs have become more fun. My suggestion is to just by houses and hike the rent up. So long as you don’t mind being evil for awhile until you get enough cash. As for the story line….I do like it. It can’t be compared to Fable 1 and 2, but none the less it has it’s own twist and you can pretty much control the entire city if you know what you’re doing.
If you like Fable 1 and 2 I highly suggest 3 now that the price has gone down some. Would I spend the original $50 on it again? Probably not. Will I still play the next Fable once it comes out? Most definitely. So what do you guys think? Did you like the game or hate it?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unlimited Lives Anyone?

It’s no question that our games and our game systems are far more efficient and superior to what we started out with.
Trust me, there is no way I’m bashing Atari, or for those true gamers, Magnavox Odyssey.
Compared to Xbox 360 and PS3 they stand no chance. Let’s step aside for a second and forget about graphics, because to be honest, when you hear about how far we have advanced in gaming it seems to be one of the only things that gets talked about. I don’t think we realize the little things. Some of which have made the biggest advances for gamers. For instance, being able to save our games. It seems like a small and obvious upgrade, but it might just be the biggest one of them all. When games were only minutes long it might have been no big deal. Think about it tho, some of our games take days just to get to the end. That doesn’t include all the extra stuff they give us to do in between. Now what if you couldn’t save that game? It would suck wouldn’t it? We have come accustomed to seeing that little auto save sign in the corner that we don’t even have to think about it anymore.

So how about maps on the screen? What if they still gave us paper maps like the original Zelda? (Lets ignore Grand Theft Auto and it’s silly map for a second. I’m pretty sure that’s only in there to make you feel more a part of the game.) For the most part paper maps might be too ridiculous to make for the worlds they create for us these days. I can picture it now. You finally get Call of Duty, Fable, Assassins Creed, Fallout, Skyrim, ect. You open the box. One CD, check! Bonus material, check! One 6 foot by 6 foot size map…check? It just doesn’t seem very realistic.
So did anyone order a side of unlimited lives? Cuz I know I sure did. We still have our health meters, but for most games now running out of health doesn’t mean much more than going to the last check point. You still never REALLY die. In Super Mario Bros if you wasted your measly 3 lives before you can gain more you have to start from the beginning again. I don’t see myself dying less than…hmm… 50 times in any given Grand Theft Auto game. That’s when I’m trying too. And I know I’m not the only one.
I also know I’m not the only one who couldn’t aim on Xbox if their life depended on it. I mean, close up not problem, but you’re asking me to snipe some dude who looks more like an ant than a person. I’m gonna easily need about 5 rounds for that. Oh, I have unlimited ammo? Oh, and if I didn’t I could just go steal it from that dead guy two feet away? Perfect! Most shooting games make it pretty easy on us now considering the damage our enemies can take. I don’t think the ducks in Duck Hunt would be too happy about that. In fact, they wouldn’t have time to be happy because they would all be dead first try.

On top of all that we still get our lovely Options button. You can pick exactly how you’d like to control your character. What buttons do what? Analog stick or d pad? Toggle anyone? Volume controls, subtitles, screen settings, sensitivity, language, should I even go on?

 We take advantage of most of these things. We always want our graphics to be spot on. Of course…we have every right to. Although there are just certain categories of advancements in gaming that are going unnoticed. So the next time that you’re playing L.A. Noire and you demolish 20 cars with no consequences just be happy you aren’t playing Pole Position.

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I think an introduction is in order!

Hello everyone! I'm Jax! I'm extremely excited to start this new chapter of my life. For most of us "going with the flow" seems to be the easiest way to get by. But is it the best? Most So I'm going to listen to Denzel Washington and do what I gotta do so I can do what I wanna do.
I'm a bit all over the place so you'll see a lot here. Everything from fashion to gaming, puppies to decor, food to crafting, DIY to drawing. If you want it, I got it and the more you request the more you'll see what you want. I'll always try my best to show top quality work and give you the best resources.
So here I am! Ready to rumble and going in for the kill!
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