Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Current Obsessions

Well, maybe just more like "Obsessions."
Right now my desktop is pretty much what my life has been like this entire month. Art (this one is by Sam Spratt), Superheros (here is my most current dream ), my resume for easy access (I've been applying for a good amount of jobs), my stuff folder (I had things all over my desktop), and my school schedule (I will never memorize it). The only thing that would make this desktop more accurate would be if it was on my new gaming laptop.

Monday, June 25, 2012


 (Art by me)
I'm almost positive that my dreams have an on/off switch. I'll go months without dreaming and then I'll get a random dream that triggers a ton of others. Except... I'm really not sure what triggers it. Regardless, I had a dream the other night that can easily be put into my top 5.
It started with a rush. I was jumping from rooftop to rooftop no problem. Soaring almost. Not even breaking a sweat. Then I saw him. I threw my hands in front of me and he flew across the roof. I had force push. But was I the villain or the hero? I kept running toward him but he was quick on his feet. He jumped up and bolted to the next building. As I passed some sort of shinny object I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection. I looked familiar. It was definitely me but something was different. That comic I've been working on in real life... it had come to "life" in my dream. I was most certainly the hero. But he was still running.
Snapping back into I sprinted to him. He jumped for the next building and I was right behind him. I caught him in mid air. SMASH! It happened fast. Even for a dream. We tumbled into a window on what seemed to be the 100th floor of some building. As soon as we hit the ground I threw my hands out again for another force push. He flew right through a wall and I saw her. It was a little girl. Even tho I had started off my dream by just chasing this man I somehow knew that I was suppose to save her. I was going to run to her. Pick her up. Take her away from this place so she couldn't be harmed. But his body slammed into mine and I was down. I couldn't see past his hood. Although I knew what was behind it already. After all, I created him. I knew how ugly he would be. I wanted to force push him away but it was impossible. He knew my power, had my hands pinned, and my laser gun was too far to reach. This couldn't possibly be the end could it? This isn't how it ends in my comic. The hero wins in real life.
But it was how it ended. The girl wasn't saved and I never got to my laser gun. I woke up. They say when you wake up from a dream like that it's because you died in your dream. So this only means one thing. I need to finish my comic and prove my subconscious wrong. And even though I did not succeed in my dream.... It was a damn good dream.