Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Games To Keep

You know the drill. You buy the newest game, play it for a few weeks, get bored of the repetition, swap it at GameStop, and repeat. But we all have those games that we will never get rid of. This is my list of games that will never expire. If you haven't already played these games (and loved them of course) you should. Let the game hoarding begin!

In no particular order. Except of course random.

1. Skyrim: Fighting dragons, magic, and swords. For me that is all that needs to be said and you have my money. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience... two things I do not have. But I keep playing. When someone asks me how I like this game I put it like this:
You know that chore you've been meaning to do? The one that is very tedious and takes up too much time but you know that it HAS to get done or you won't be able to sleep? That's this game... but in a good way.

2. Fable (Series): This has got to be my favorite game. I played Fable 1 as soon as it came out and fell in love. Every detail was perfect. The gargoyles had my sense of humor and I loved being able to shoot them!
Then they came out with the second one. This time I was prepared. The detail that they put into the first one was nothing compared to this. I knew that this was my series of games. That nothing could compare.
Now lets not forget about the third. Many people had problems with this one. Was it the best out of the three? No. Were the characters as developed? No. But I have to say, (after playing it over and over again.) I do still enjoy it. It hasn't made my love for Fable die in the slightest.

3. Mass Effect (series): This is another very tedious game. If you don't pay much attention to details then this game is not for you. The story line is fascinating. Any and every move you make shapes the entire game. When you get the the next game it takes your character from the first and you just keep going. For a gamer who likes to get emerged in a game you will want to buy this one.

4. Super Smash Bros (original): If you think I'm talking about the Wii game you should hit restart.... on your life.

5. World of Warcraft: If you don't play WOW because you think it's too nerdy, takes up too much time, or just plan stupid... please, just try the game! You don't have to spend countless hours on this game to enjoy it. You don't even have to play every month if you don't think you'll play it that often. There are no exceptions. Every gamer should play this game. You not only get to play in a fantastical (yes) world, but you learn so much about gaming.

6. Fallout (all): Yet another game that will take forever for you to complete. When I first played Fallout I remember wanting to just listen to the old school music all day. As far as game play goes? Making a character will have you want to kill yourself. Other than that it's great! Graphic are on point, the aliens are gross, and the characters are ridiculous. That damn robot was the best idea ever.

7. Grand Theft Auto 3: Yes, three! The new ones are great. They are all great. But GTA3 never gets old! It was the first game I got to kill, steal, and drive like a lunatic! Do I sound crazy yet? Seriously tho, If you are too young to have played it when it first came out (or live in a cave) go buy it and never return it. I still remember the cheat codes for extra armor and guns. I also still go back and play it at least four or five times a year.

8. Minecraft: Blocks on blocks on blocks on blocks. It's like digital legos!

9. DayZ: If you haven't heard of it yet look it up! In short, it's a real time zombie game. Anything that can happen in real life can happen in this game. If you die you are dead forever. You must start anew and try better. It's as realistic as a game can be. As in, if 4 guns, 8 health kits, 10 sodas, and 2 knifes can't fit in your real life backpack... then it won't in this game either.
The grid isn't exact but they are still working on it. So if a zombie looks like hes far enough away and you think you can make a run for it... you probably can't. Using your best judgement is key to this game. Did I mention this is an online game? So go make friends. Also hope to (insert imaginary creatures here.) they don't try to kill you first!

10. Sims: We all secretly love this game. So stop pretending and go create a fake you in a fake home.

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