Thursday, September 27, 2012

Games You Forgot About

These games were just as good as the ones being made today. We just forgot about them!

Crazy Taxi- The days when being a taxi driver was cool. There is no point to this game other than to pick pedestrians up and drop them off at their location. It never ends. But for whatever reason I played it for hours at a time and it never got old.

Pokemon Snap- A game where the only purpose is to take pictures of Pokemon. I'm not sure how they did it but I played this game over and over as if it was somehow going to change. It never did. But I never stopped playing.

Power Pete- First of all, If you don't know what this game is then you missed out on your childhood and I suggest you hit that imaginary restart button. Go ahead, I'll wait...... Okay done? Good. This game taught me that if you're gonna walk around looking for a million bunnies then at least bring some god damn tooth paste with you. Not only will you have good hygiene but it also works as a gun.

Paper Boy- When having a job was fun!

Battle Tanks- This was the first game I played where I was aloud to destroy everything in the game. Usually what happened was this. Pick your color, pick your team, destroy all buildings, ignore enemies, hide underground, nuke the city. Sounds a bit like real life doesn't it?

007 Golden Eye- If you didn't pick Oddjob first you might as well be dead.

That running game with the pad for the floor- If you know the name of it comment down below. Cuz I don't remember, but it was fucking awesome!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Skyrim Hearthfire Review

Most people weren't too stoked to hear about this new update. I on the other hand couldn't wait. I was the kid who grew up playing Sims since day one. I had them all and my houses were fantastical. I'm also a woman... so what else would I rather spend my time doing than decorating a house right?
When I first downloaded it I was a bit confused. Nothing was different. So thanks to Google I (others) figured it out. I bought my land and was good to go. But now what? Now what is right! I was annoyed. You basically have to go on a wild man hunt to find the supplies to build your house. I spent 400 point for this? But after putting more time into I was happy. It helped me gain more levels and discover new towns. I was at the point in the game where I was saying to myself, "what the fuck is left to do!?" So I downloaded Hearthfire in hopes it would give me more things to do. You bet it did.
Before this expansion I didn't even pick up an axe in the game let alone use one. There was no point. But if you want to build your house fast without spending all your coin then you better start swinging that shit.
It also got me to walk around more. I'm a fast traveling machine when it comes to this game. If I don't have to walk I'm not walking. I know.... it's stupid, there are so many things to be seen. I just get antsy. And more walking means more bad guys to kill. Which is mostly why I've leveled up so fast lately.
Mainly I think it just adds to the game. If you bought it and hate it just tough it out. I think it's so aggravating in the beginning because you have no idea whats going on or what to do. I lost my house about eight times before I realized it was on the map. Seriously.... I thought I was never going to find it again. Just be patient and play the game for what it is.

If you've been playing for a while and are still having trouble this guy's tutorials helped me out a lot.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 Things Skyrim Has Taught Me

1. There is never ever, ever, ever, EVER a good time to dilly dally.
"Oh a flower!"
"Oh a dead fox."
"Oh cool things I can put in my gigantic pocket."
They are everywhere even when they are nowhere. You've been warned.

2. If you're carrying too many things, suck it up and drink a strength potion.
Stop polluting! Just fast travel somewhere and sell that shit!

3. People will only want to marry you if you have cool bling.
I mean.... yeah. Now go buy a fancy 300 dollar watch.

4. You can take whatever you want from a store.
So long as you nearly kill yourself trying to get them something they want.
"You want some free cheese for the rest of your life? Just go kill 10,000 zombies in a dark cave and get some shitty ring I lost years ago."
Seems fair....

5. Collecting random things around the world will in fact be useful as long as you have an alchemy table.
Sunflowers... check
Soda cap... check
Empty ketchup bottle... check
Dog shit... check
Fragments of broken glass... check
Congratulations! You've got yourself a 3000xp health potion! Drink up!

6. Why the fuck are you walking everywhere? Fast travel is real!

7. Every cat or lizard is an asshole!
Idk why. That's just the way life works I guess.

9. Stealing souls solves everything.
Need an enchanted rain coat? Steal your dogs soul!
Need to learn a shout? Just find a dragon and steal it's soul!
Need sneaky boots to steal money from your parents? Steal a giants soul!
Hate that guy that cut you off last week and want to prove a point? Just steal his soul and turn it into a necklace so everyone knows not to fuck with you!

10. Jumping off high cliffs will in fact kill you!
Who knew right!