Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scariest Video Games of 2012

It's almost Halloween and that means that all the scariest things are being released this month.

Crafted all the way from Argentina, an independent video game developer, Senscape, has proven that insane asylums are not something to mess with. The asylum in the game was based off the blue prints of a real life asylum. It has been spreading around the internet since 2010 and for some reason the release date keeps getting pushed back. 2012 is ready for you! This game seems like a graphically intense adventure that I wont be able to play for more than 10 minutes. Which makes me want to buy it.

Resident Evil 6

Yup! There's six of them now! You would think they would get enough of scaring the shit out of you but they haven't. The gore-ific (yes, lets all accept this as a word in my dictionary) game has been around for more than a decade making it older than most of kids buying it these days. I would say that I wasn't excited for this game but lets be honest, we all want to play it.

Metro- Last Light

Put anything in a gas mask and its instantly terrifying. Add an underground city, guns and demons and you've got yourself a game. It takes place in 2034, post-apocalypse style. Though there is not much about the game that has really leaked it still hooks you and makes you want to play it. I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

Darkness 2

Take a comic book legend, Paul Jenkins and ask him to write a video game and this is what you get. A supernatural man who wants to save the world. This game doesn't only jump out at me because of its story line. The main character, Jackie, has one of the coolest first names a video game character could have. Obviously. Regardless, this game looks like they have come a long way since the first Darkness was released back in 2007.

Doom 3

They have taken us to space this time bringing Hell along for the ride. Like most first person shooters it is just a lot of killing. Although I don't know how I feel about demons popping up out of nowhere and sneaking up on me. Just another one I'll have to play in the day time.

Last Of Us

All other zombie games have been doing it wrong. The trailer gave me the chills and the story line is better than any other I've ever seen. Also, the little girl is a bad ass.

Monday, October 15, 2012

5 Games To Toss!

A few weeks a go I wrote about 10 games you should buy, play, and keep forever. Though I've realized there are more games I would rather throw in a fire than games I would save from one. It's pretty easy to impress me with a video game. These are the top 5 games I wish I saved my money on.

1. De Blob: The best way to describe this game is that you are an exterior building painter. Except you aren't getting paid. In any form. Not even in entertainment.

2. F.E.A.R: I'm sorry..... it just scares the shit out of me.

3. Harry Potter: Any of them. Go ahead and pick. The movies are great. The books are fucking fantastic. The games.... I'd rather fly on a broom stick strait to Hell. The concept of the games are very simple and do not require too much thought. If you have younger kids it might be a good buy, but I wouldn't waste my money on a game that asks you to match the buttons on the screen to the buttons on the controller. Thanks for making sure I know what my shapes are tho.

4. The Walking Dead: I was highly disappointed in this game. This was a game that I was counting down the days to buy. When the first chapter finally came out I bought it the very same day. I was stoked that someone finally made a comic book style game. It's something I personally always wanted to do. Then I played it...... The graphics are pretty damn cool don't get me wrong, but I wish there wasn't so much talking in it. I would hardly call it a video game. It's more of an interactive story. I might as well just stick with the comic books.

5. Black Ops: WAIT! What!? This is one of the most popular games of the century. Yeah, I know. And I get it. It's a fantastic game that I could spend countless hours on. So why is it on this list? Well, simply because I'm sick of playing online with 12 year old trash talkers. So it makes the list. Go ahead... hate me for it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hey everyone,
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