Sunday, December 30, 2012

Game Review: Fez

The anticipation for this little pixel character was well waited.  The world of Fez is a happy yet distorted place that needs to be fixed and it's up to you to put the world back together.  When I first started playing I thought it was a very simple game. Jump, turn camera, find block, and repeat.  Each level requires thinking but not enough for you to be stuck in one place for too long.  The first hour of the game consisted of going through doorway after doorway finding every block until I eventually got lost.  It wasn't until that point that I realized there was much more to this game than finding blocks.  I began to use the map to get myself back on track, only to find out that there are "secrets" scattered in some worlds and rooms.  Upon learning that I went to the closest room with a secret.  Nothing.  So now what?  Google of course.  The secrets aren't so much secrets as they are codes.  Each room has a special code to figure out and once you get it correct you get a prize.  This quickly started to make me loose my mind.  Each symbol stands for something like a letter, number, or Xbox control button.  This game has it's own language.
It's no wonder it took creator Phil Fish so long to make this game.  His secret language is scattered across the world of this game for you to figure out.  Not only does this make me want to beat the game entirely just to prove that I figured it out, but it makes me appreciate it so much more. The more you wonder around in this world the more hidden things you find.  Some levels take me back to the past with it's Mario, Zelda, and Tetris references.  Sometimes I find myself scoping the scenery to look at all the things around the world. It's easy to get lost in the game and just relax.  To take the game for what it is and not get stressed out over it.  It is after all suppose to be enjoyable right?