Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Testing

To be a beta tester is a beautiful thing. The opportunity to feel like you're among the "special" ones does indeed make you better than everyone else. (At least until it is released for everyone else to play). The Elder Scrolls Online is something I have personally been waiting for, for quite some time now. Of course as soon as I found out that beta testing was open for enrollment I signed up. Actually.... the first thing I did was say, "finally" quite loudly in the open spaces of my college. Then I received blank stares from the people around me. Then I signed up for beta testing.
The sign up form is fairly simple; requiring only basic info.  It does however give you the opportunity to better your chances to be picked for beta testing by asking what kind of equipment you have, if you've beta tested for another game before, or if you work for the game industry.  They also give you a section to write about why you of all people should be picked.  So don't be modest.
I hope to see you all on the playing field!

If you want the opportunity to be selected for beta testing be sure to sign up here. http://signup.elderscrollsonline.com/


  1. Elder Scrolls has always been a single player experience... and how are they going to make it "feel" like an Elder Scrolls entry www.esogoldbuy.com while maintaining modern MMO standards?

  2. Hey Jacquie, did you manage to snag an invite yet?