Friday, May 10, 2013

Shitty Drawings Are Shitty. It's Nice To Meet You Too.

Sometimes I do things that don't always make sense. For instance, I drew this picture of a dinosaur.

But I draw this dinosaur quite often so that isn't really the weird part. The weird part is also not that this dinosaur does not have a tail. I am fully aware that it should. However, this one does not. The weird part is that based off this particular dinosaur drawing I've created an entire story in my tiny brain about this dinosaur.  Except I didn't really create an entire story.  I've just kind of decided that this dinosaur is me. And me.... I mean dinosaur ... I mean I.... have a story to tell.

So when the future becomes the future and so on and so forth you can refer to this dinosaur as Jax. She is friendly I promise. She is also super sarcastic so don't be surprised if you don't always like what comes out of her dinosaur mouth.

With that being said I am tired, as most dinosaurs tend to get after working a ten hour shift.

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