Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best Outlet To Exist Ever!

It's simple really. Today I discovered that I can vacuum my entire apartment by plugging my vacuum into one outlet and one outlet only.

We'll call this my Houseboat:

I promise Houseboat isn't this boring looking. This is as accurate as a layout as I can get with my experience in The Sims tho. Let us just accept this shitty drawing as my home and move on.

So, Houseboat has close to a billion outlets. I will highlight them in bright pink for you.

Since I've moved into Houseboat I have used every outlet to vacuum and have gotten pretty close to never having to unplug once. I actually never even thought it was possible. Or even thought about achieving this goal for that matter. Until today when it happened.
But before I can tell you which outlet is the one outlet to rule them all, you need to understand one thing. You see, vacuuming in Houseboat isn't an easy task. Not only do I already think vacuuming is super annoying; but I have HedgeDog to deal with as well.

This happens every time I have to unplug and restart the vacuum. As you can imagine this gets really annoying really quickly. So the simple task of having to unplug the vacuum turns into having to go through the growling and barking process all over again.

But then I found this:

When I found what I found I did not realize that it was in fact, the best outlet to ever be made. But then something happened in the mist of all the barking. My vacuum made it around the entire house! Without needing to be unplugged once!
In the end (when I realized what had just happened) my path looked something like this.

This may be no big feat, yet... somehow I felt as if I came out on top when I was done.

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