Sunday, April 13, 2014

An eye for an eye

Well, here it is.
This is the first piece of art I've ever made on my Bamboo tablet using Photoshop. Actually, let me rephrase that. This is the first REAL piece of art I've ever made on my bamboo tablet using Photoshop. I've been making shitty dinosaur cartoons for awhile now. Which by the way, yes, I'm super proud of them as well.
But this... this shit right here. This shit took me all day.
You see, I woke up today and said to myself, "well fuck, I feel like being productive today. I feel like doing something that makes today worth it." I wanted to make one day, just one day, worth waking up in the morning for. So I did.
It literally took me all day. I've only ever used Photoshop for my photography; which if you've known me long enough you'd know I'm damn good at it. But that's besides the point. Seeing as how my Photoshop has only ever been set up for photos I had to reconstruct the entire thing. Downloading brushes, tools, ect. Changing almost every setting. Learning techniques that I've never even attempted before. It was fucking annoying. But as Google usually does, it helped me out a lot.
And while it may not be the best thing there is I'm sure as hell proud of it.
Go ahead, click on it.